Elderhop Consortium

COOSS MARCHE - Care Provider, Research Institute, End User Organisation, VET Agency



COOSS MARCHE ONLUS is a private company, not for profit, providing health and care services to elderly and disabled persons, since 1979, both at home and in sheltered and protected housing solutions. On 1993 organized the Department of Research and Training. The Department is involved in the development and management of projects and training courses funded at European, National and Local level. The Department joined a significant number of projects, both as coordinator and/or partner, within the main European programmes. Competences and activities developed by COOSS during projects are related to: - scenario definition; - users needs and requirements analysis; - market research; - impact analysis; - pilot tests. A full list of EU-funded projects joined by COOSS and dealing with healthcare, ageing and innovative ICT-based solutions can be found at www.cooss.it.




create.at is specialized on the production of high quality tailor-made e-Learning content. We use state of the art equipment and provide a whole spectrum of solutions:


- consulting for all kind of media-supported training and development projects
- digital Storytelling and Authoring > media design & production
-  software development


Our projects cover change communications as well as complex e- Learning scenarios. They range from short "microlearning" contents to complex virtual learning worlds.

Since the year 2000 we support HTM TYROLIA, FREQUENTIS, Siemens, AMS Arbeitsmarktservice, GROHE, BAWAG, EMCO, Silhouette, ÖBB, Nestlé, Erste Bank, Audi, A1, Raiffeisen Informatik and many more.

Our main field is mobile learning and e-Learning 2.0. The use of new learning methodes in elearning 2.0 is effected by new user behaviours  of the target group. Learners get to be co-autors, who see the web as a platform on which the user can create and administrate content. Learning at any time, at any place with mobile devices  is a logical consequence of our everyday-working-life.


CURE – Center for Usability Research & Engineering



CURE – Center for Usability Research & Engineering is one of Europe’s leading organizations in the area of
User Experience Research comprising the fields of Usability Engineering, Human‐Computer Interaction,
User Interface Design, User Centred Design and Persuasive Interaction Design.

CURE has been working on the development and application of user centred design methodologies,
innovative user interfaces, natural interaction environments and persuasive interfaces for several years.
Goal of our research activities is to align computer technologies to the needs of users in the most suitable
way. It is our mission to develop for and with users. Therefore, we are applying a user centred design
approach which includes users in all phases of the iterative innovation and development process. This
ensures to embrace the users´ social, emotional and ergonomic requirements and to design for usability,
accessibility and optimal user experience.





IntegraSys, established in 1990, is an SME engineering company specialized in the design, development and integration of both Non Real Time and Real Time software for automated measurement systems in the telecommunication field. Integrasys has developed technological solution in the area of eHealth, where we provide eHealth TV services based on Multimedia Home platform (MHP) specification. In addition, Integrasys is member of the LLSA (Living Lab Salud Andalucia), which is a Living Lab for eHealth domain in the south of Spain. Integrasys has also developed a solution for elderly people in the Spanish research project ELISA, a platform and a set of distributed mobile services for elderly and disabled people. In FP6-ISTMUSIC we develop an open platform technology for the development of context aware self-adaptive mobile applications, which includes methodology, tools and SOA middleware technology. Integrasys usually acts as software designer and developer, and system integrator for demonstrator in the area of context monitoring and communication among different devices. 


Kitchen Budapest



Kitchen Budapest (founded in 2007) is a place where ideas come alive. We offer two potential ways to start out your idea. In KIBU Talent program young talents can bring their imagination and ideas to a phase of a proof of concept or prototype. KIBU Startup program helps teams to develop businesses of the future. KIBU’s professional team is here for you to help all the time.

Kitchen Budapest Talent program is created for idea-development including an intensive half-year teamwork for young talents from different fields with the interest of product and service design. Kitchen Budapest provides the knowhow, the professional network and funding of the projects.
The aim of our incubation program is to enable early stage startups to develop a solid beta and a viable business plan for possible seed investment in 26 weeks. We support our startups with a hand-picked network of mentors and experts in the field of business, design and technology, funding and infrastructure.

Mobility and Multimedia Cluster (MMCluster)



The Hungarian Mobility and Multimedia Cluster (MMCluster) was formed in 2007 with the  purpose of bringing together the most dynamic actors in the field of mobile technology and new media in Central Hungary, mix and match their R&D and innovation capacities, and help the fruits of their cooperation succeed on the market. Our main objective is to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in our focus areas – primarily but not exclusively mobile technologies and new media – and help our members’ world-class products thrive on the domestic and global markets.

By today, MMCluster has grown to be one of Hungary’s most significant institutions in the digital industry. With close to 70 members, we bring together innovation- oriented SME’s, the local branches of multinational ICT companies, prominent research universities, young startup companies with outstanding promise, venture capital funds active in the digital industry, and companies offering project management, grant writing, and consultancy services. MMCluster is an open organization – new members can join through a multistage process devised to assess the new applicants’ innovation potentials and their openness to cooperation in business.